We have been advised of the following regarding Stagecoach No 48 Leicester - Coventry Service which will take effect from 30 July 2019.

1.  The roadworks at Longshoot continue to cause reliability issues and as a result five minutes additional running time introduced between Hinckley Bus Station and Nuneaton Bus Station on services operating in the 'to Coventry' direction.

2.  Buses departing Nuneaton for Coventry on Monday to Fridays between 0656 and 0858 retimed to provide a better split of departures - every 10 minutes.

3. The 0627 Monday to Friday journey from Nuneaton to Earl Shilton Alexander Avenue is withdrawn.

4. The 0603 (MF), 0636 (Sat), 0646 (MF) and 0735 (Sat) departures from Hinckley to Nuneaton/Coventry are back projected to start from Earl Shilton The Hollow.

5. The stoppping arrangements on the limited stop journeys numbered X48 have been standardised and formalised.

6. Regent Street in Hinckley will no longer be served as it causes severe delays to the service and few passengers are picked up/set down in this location following the opening of the Bus Station.


If you have any questions about these changed please email:






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