Earl Shilton Town Council is the parish authority for the town of Earl Shilton and is made up of 14 elected or co-opted, unpaid volunteers. It is the third tier of local government after Leicestershire County Council and Hinckley and Bosworth District Council. The council has regular meetings to decide on how to budget and spend public money and to ensure that it is spent where it is most needed. Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings or to contact the office. As a Town Council our responsibilities are limited to parks, cemeteries and a few other things, but we do our best to help residents with any issues they may have relating to Earl Shilton.


What we do

The Town Council’s work is governed by our mission statement: 

"To make Earl Shilton a pleasant place to live, work and socialise". 

What we do includes:

  • Maintain parks and open spaces that we own
  • Provide community support to groups and charities
  • Provide community grants
  • Lead community projects
  • Work with other Council authorities in the area to help Keep Earl Shilton Clean
  • Partner with local organisations to host events for the town to enjoy
  • Work with local businesses to improve regeneration and economic growth in the town
  • Make recommendations to the local planning authority as a voice of the people of Earl Shilton
  • Campaign for the wellbeing of Earl Shilton residents
  • Provide Information to members of the public


Areas of focus

Currently, the Council has four areas of focus:

  1. Creating - an attractive and pleasant place for residents to live, work and socialise
  2. Ensuring - that the council owned green spaces are unique places for people to enjoy their free time
  3. Improving - the social and visual aspect of the town centre
  4. Supporting - the Town Team and Business Forum in pursuing options for economic stimulation and inward investment.

Details of the Council’s aspirations for Earl Shilton and its community are set out in The Earl Shilton Town Plan and Vision and the current programme of work is explained in our ‘Action Plan’.


How to get in touch

We work hard to engage local people and ensure that the services we deliver are relevant and make a difference to them. We welcome your questions, views and comments. These can be provided in a number of ways:

  • By contacting your local councillor - see the 'Contact a Councillor' section on the drop-down menu on the Home page
  • By email to the Town Clerk - townclerk@earlshiltontc.org.uk
  • Face-to-face at our office - Public Library, Wood Street, Earl Shilton, LE9 7NE
  • At one of our meetings - see the list of meetings you can attend from the drop-down menu on the Home page.

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