Wood Street Community Park

The park at the heart of Earl Shilton Town Centre. Over the last 8 years, with contributions made by a wide variety of groups and with help from residents within the town, this park has grown into an amazing space that we are very proud of. 

At this park you will find...

Seaside Day
The site of our annual Earl Shilton by the Seaside holiday event
Every August the broad and beautiful green spaces come alive with buckets and spades, sandpits, fairground rides, and traditional beach fun when the seaside arrives. Throughout the rest of the year, these spaces are perfect for a kickabout or a picnic, or both!
Plenty of play area for younger children
In the fenced (no dogs allowed) play area securely sited near to our 24 hour CCTV you'll find plenty of play equipment for young children alongside flower gardens that offer a chance to explore nature in a safe space. Just outside the fence are picnic benches and the exhilarating 25 meter zipwire and swings.
Rights of Way
That's right. It's not just about equipment. You've got places to go. The paths run like arteries through wood street park connecting residential areas on the north east of the town to the town centre and providing a scenic and refreshing walk. Three public rights of way U26, U87 and V17 are carried by these paths and stretch outwards in the beautiful countryside to the northwest.
Community Spirit
The community has supported and helped to win grants to provide much of the equipment on the park. Don't miss on your visit the evidence of our community ethic, including the flower diplays planted annually by the growing volunteer group Earl Shilton in Bloom
The Upper Tier - Skate, BMX and Hanging Out
The north-end of the park offers opportunities for older children, teenagers and adults. Whether it's a game of football/basketball in the games court, or getting your blood pumping flying through the air on the concrete skate ramps or the long tabletops of the BMX pump track! There is also a Teen Shelter which is an ideal spot to hang out with mates.

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