Message from Dr Luke Evans MP - Housing and Planning Update

Submitted on 17 December 2020 by Mark Jackson

Dear fellow Hinckley and Bosworth Resident,  
As we reach the end of 2020, I am doing a review of casework and policy queries that I have received during the year. At the time of writing, I have reached the 7973 piece of correspondence this week and I know that planning related issues have formed a large amount of my postbag.
As you have written to me about housing and planning this year, you will probably be aware of the Government’s consultation on planning during the autumn.
I am pleased to announce that, through extensive representations and confirmed in a meeting today with meeting today the Secretary of State Rob Jenrick, the algorithm has been changed significantly, and will no long mean a doubling of our housing requirement as some commentators had predicted. I am pleased the Government has listened and followed through on the consultation points. I am still waiting for the full written details, but in essence the housing numbers which were set in 2017 will continued to be used, with a greater emphasis on brownfield and regeneration sites in cities.
You may already know, I tried to capture the issues that constituents raised in my responses to two consultation concerning wider planning policy as well as the computer-based formula that had been proposed to decide whether houses should be located. I talked about the planning ‘algorithm’  in my speech in the Chamber on 8 October. You can view my contribution via and  I speak at 13:36:09.
So I am pleased that changes have been made, but there will be more to do on this topic as we move into 2021. I am mindful that all of us have a deep passion for our beautiful and historically significant countryside, but I know that many of us have concerned to ensure that there is appropriate levels of housing especially for our young people, our key workers, as well as those wishing to downsize to smaller accommodation but also remain in our area where they have lived, worked, and have strong social connections.
I personally like the idea of wildlife corridors as a means to showcase and allow our treasured wildlife to flourish, but there needs to be suitable mechanisms to allow our green spaces to be protected. I am also interested in how house design can take advantage of new and emerging technologies such as better heat insulation, water storage, meaning that we can manage our electricity bills, and demands on our water supply. I will look to raise views as appropriate in relevant debates about this matter.  
Finally, whilst I cannot intervene in the local planning disputes that do occur across our area or determine how particular regeneration funding may or may not be spent in our area, I do have the ability, as your local MP, to scrutinise and seek to influence national policy. Having had conversations with Ministers throughout 2020, this Autumn including the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, and the Minister for Planning, participated in a 10 Downing Street Planning Roundtable, and discussed the issues with the PM’s Planning Team, I have been grateful for the opportunity to raise the issues facing Bosworth; I like to think that my representations have had some influence.   
If you would like to see the full details of the announcement by the Secretary of State please to reply to this email and I would be happy to share them with you as soon as I have them.
I wish you well for Christmas and New Year and thank you for getting in touch with me during 2020
Kind regards, 


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